The law farm

Michelle Namer is an attorney and the founder of The Law Farm, a legal hub designed for food growers and producers in Georgia.  Before practicing law, Michelle received a B.S. in Biology from Georgia Tech and an M.A.T. in Secondary Science Education from Georgia State University.  In her personal and professional pursuits, one common theme continued to pop up everywhere: How we grow and acquire our food can positively impact our environment, our communities, and our personal wellness.  After graduating from Georgia State University College of Law with honors, Michelle dedicated her legal career to closing the gap in access to legal justice, focusing primarily on local food system entrepreneurs.  The Law Farm provides another layer of support for local food entrepreneurs to maximize the success of their enterprises in a heavily regulated and law-intensive field.

Michelle provides legal resources through Food Well Alliance, works with the Georgia Organics' Farmer Fund Accelerator program, and forges relationships with food system providers state-wide, regionally, and nationally.